Monday, October 5, 2020

What Will Disney Name the Sixth and Seventh Ships?

Disney has three new ships on the way, but they've only told us the name of the first new ship, the Wish.  The Wish is going to start cruises sometime in 2022.  Not January 2022, though, because it was recently delayed.  No new launch date has been announced, but I'm guessing they'll announce it soon.

While we wait for that, I thought it would be fun to think of potential names for the other two ships.  There are many options, but Disney has already taken some of the best names for their older ships.  So, we know that there won't be anything similar to Magic, Wonder, Dream, Fantasy, or Wish to prevent confusion.

The five names of the DCL ships (mentioned above) all represent things associated with Disney.  For example, when I think of magic, I think of something that's extraordinary and special.  Disney's goal is to provide guests with the most special time possible, which is why 'Magic' is a good name.  It's a similar story with the other four names.  So, the two new names have to be somewhat related to Disney.  They can't be something generic like 'Disney Ocean' or 'Disney Seagull'.  I've always thought 'Disney Imagination' would be a perfect name for one of the new ships, because imagination was a major factor in Walt Disney's success.  Without his imagination, Mickey Mouse would be Mickey the normal person.  Sounds entertaining, right?  Plus, Disney's theme park and ship designers are even called Imagineers, so Imagination is a fitting name for a new Disney ship.  The name is longer than any of the other ship names, but that shouldn't be a problem.  If Disney is concerned about Imagination being too long, it could be shortened to just Imagine.  I'd say Disney Imagination is a likely name.

'Disney Inspiration' is also a good name.  It's relevant to Disney, since Walt Disney needed inspiration to create his movies, cartoons, and theme parks.  This name would be really good for advertising, like "Be inspired on a Disney Cruise Line vacation!"  It's similar to 'Imagination', so if one is going to be a ship name, then it'll have to be either one or the other.  The interiors of the ships are already almost identical, the names don't need to be that way too.

Another possibility is 'Disney Enchantment'.  Enchantment is similar to magic, so it automatically works with the Disney theme and fits in with the other ship names.  Additionally, it doesn't sound any of the other ship names, so there won't be any confusion there.  This name seems plausible, and I wouldn't be surprised if one of the new ships is the Disney Enchantment.  

Another potential name is 'Disney Princess'.  Disney has made quite a few movies about princesses, so this name is definitely relevant enough.  Plus, ships technically are female, so gender wouldn't be an issue.  There could be a problem with Princess Cruises, another cruise line.  Every Princess ship name ends with 'princess', so naming a ship 'Disney Princess' could cause some confusion.  I don't think this name is as likely as Imagination or Enchantment, mainly because of branding and advertising.  Disney would have to distinguish between the princess characters and the princess ship.  Also, this name doesn't flow well with the other 5 ship names.  The other names are things, a princess is a person.  It's still possible, though!

I've noticed that some of the stage shows in the Walt Disney Theatre could be good ship names, because their names are related to Disney.  "Disney Dreams" is one of the live shows, and the third ship is the Dream.  Coincidence?  Actually, I'm pretty sure the ship came before the show.  Strangely, Disney Dreams isn't a show on the Disney Dream.  "Disney Wishes" was a live show, and what are they naming the fifth ship?  Wish!  "Disney's Believe" is another show, so maybe one of the ships will be named Believe.  'Believe' is certainly not my first choice for a name, it also doesn't flow well with the other five names.  The other names are things, believe is a verb.  I don't know, his just doesn't work for me.

In the past, Disney Cruise Line has held votes for some of the ship names.  I'm hoping they let us vote for at least one of the remaining names, it would be fun (as long as all of the options are things, related to Disney, and work well with the other ship names).  We'd get to impact DCL's future, and how often do you get to do that if you aren't a pandemic or a hurricane?  I never thought I'd say this, but Chancellor Palpatine and I share a common point of view here.

When everyone voted for Seagull and you're the only one who voted for Imagination

What do you think the new ships will be named?  Do you think Disney will hold a vote?  I don't know when the new names will be announced, but I'm guessing it'll be some time after the pandemic ends and the world returns to a relatively normal state.  Yeah, we've got a while.

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  1. One of my favorite posts of yours, DCLKid!!! What a great topic. I hadn't thought of the noun vs. verb thing, but you're right!! I think Imagination and Enchantment are really good possibilities! I wonder what magic they are dreaming up for these future fantasy voyagers!! I wish I knew!!