Sunday, October 25, 2020

So Many Flavors, It's Scary!

I love ice cream, and I love eating it on the Disney ships.  The often-unpredictable selection of flavors of soft-serve ice cream available at Eye Scream keeps things interesting, and it gives people a reason (other than to get more ice cream) to visit it many times during a cruise.  Sometimes, certain flavors are only out for part of a day.  Have you ever thought about why, on some cruises, there are only a few flavors available, while on others, there are many?  Or how about why some flavors aren't as common as others?  I have, so today I'm getting to the bottom of this monstrous mystery.

On some of the cruises I've been on, Eye Scream only ever had 4 flavors:  Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and banana.  Out of these, the banana is my least favorite.  These flavors are basic, but get the job done.  I've noticed that the Dream-class ships have had this limited selection more than the Magic-class ships.  On other cruises, Eye Scream has had a larger variety of flavors, with coconut, blueberry, and even mango.  In addition to these, the other four flavors were available.  Some of you may remember that blueberry is my absolute favorite of the DCL soft-serve flavors, and I'm always a little disappointed when blueberry isn't served on a cruise.  It's weird, I love blueberry ice cream but I've never liked actual blueberries.  Anyway, I've observed that the Magic-class ships have had this variety more than the Dream-class.  

Why are there these two types of ice cream distribution?  I think it may be because of the rarity of some of the soft-serve mixes.  Think of anywhere you can go to get soft-serve ice cream.  It's likely that place has vanilla and chocolate.  But, have you ever seen coconut soft-serve being served at a normal ice cream shop?  This is probably because coconut soft-serve mixes are produced far less than mixes of typical flavors like chocolate.  Disney's soft-serve ice cream suppliers must produce much more of the standard flavors (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, banana) than the more unusual flavors (coconut, blueberry, mango).  This would explain why I've noticed that the unusual flavors were served more on the smaller Magic-class ships.  There are a lot less people onboard these ships than on the Dream-class ships, so the ships don't need as much ice cream mix.  As a result of the smaller capacity, more people can get a chance to enjoy the unusual flavors.  This explanation also answers why some flavors were more common than others.  Looks like this secret, home-based, way less interactive fourth Midship Detective Agency case is solved.  The Case of the Strange and Inconsistent Variety of Soft-Serve Ice Cream Flavors Available on the Disney Cruise Ships should be a Monsters, Inc. based mystery on the Wish.  Someone could think of a better name, though.

Actually, that whole explanation might be wrong.  What if after using up all of the energy from kids laughing, as seen at the end of Monsters, Inc., the monsters resorted to using soft-serve ice cream mix to power their world?  The unusual flavors are more efficient, so the monsters must use them more.  This explains why they're less common.  They like the Dream-class ships more, since they're huge, so they take most of their unusual flavors from there.  Also, the monsters are using the pictures of Mike Wazowski on the signs of Eye Scream to cover up their operations and make people unaware of what's going on.  This wouldn't be the strangest thing to happen in 2020.

Regrettably, this information isn't completely reliable, because the cruises I've been on were in different years and different times of the year.  I've also been on cruises of varying lengths.  If you want the real scoop on the ice cream, try asking the crew member at Eye Scream.  You might have to ask them on your next cruise anyway, since all of the self-serve food options, including Eye Scream, will probably be modified.  

Have you seen any other unusual flavors of ice cream on the Disney ships?  Do you think Disney should always have the unusual flavors on all of the ships, or keep them mainly on the Magic-class ships?  Which flavor is your favorite?  Leave a comment if you'd like!

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