Thursday, October 15, 2020

The Disney Wish Will Begin Sailing In Summer 2022!

Earlier today, October 15th, Disney announced that the Wish's maiden voyage will be in summer of 2022!  The Wish was planned to begin cruises in January 2022, but COVID-19 delayed the Wish by about half a year.  Unfortunately, Disney didn't confirm a date, but at least now we have a window.  This means that the Wish's launch will likely be some point between June 21st, 2022 to September 20th, 2022.  If possible, Disney should launch it earlier in the summer so they can have more of the Wish's cruises during the more expensive summer season.

Disney did not announce anything else about the Wish besides the launch window today.  They did announce some early 2022 itineraries, but only for the current four ships.  They look pretty exciting, so I'll probably be checking those out this weekend.

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